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Vesna Drofenik

hello world, I’m

Vesna Drofenik

marketing strategist with a love of economics by trade.
gamer, bookworm, and geek at heart.

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About Me

I’m a creative marketing professional with a strong educational and work background in economics and entrepreneurship. a passionate strategist at heart, I’m never one to miss the forest for the trees – but I’m also always happy to get my hands dirty and execute by focusing on one tree at a time.

I am a big believer in the T-shaped skillset, and it is the way I have structured my profile as well. I have a variety of applied knowledge and experience in general business aspects, for example strategy, finance, accounting, and legal, while my professional as well as academic focus lies in marketing. and even within marketing, I focus most deeply on what I feel is the most timeless and versatile skill of them all – storytelling.

tools and channels change from year to year, but the ability to forge words into a resonating story stands the test of time. this is why I have focused on excellence in the copywriting and content marketing services I provide my clients.

I also have proven experience in product marketing in a design-oriented, iterative context. together with my partner, I've built two digital products in esports and e-commerce. I am always happy to consult new founders in building their product, so if you feel I can help you with that, don’t be afraid to reach out.

on top of all that, I am still a human who understands the importance of the balance between work and life. I don’t like to boast about business, but I can happily boast about:

  1. being an awesome vegan cook
  2. being a lucky cat mama of 3
  3. having a Steam account level of 50
  4. having seen most of my musical idols perform live before the age of 30

Things I Do

  1. Marketing Strategy

    Marketing Strategy

    it’s all about painting the big picture with market research, segmentation and brand positioning. I help SMCs define a winning strategy.

  2. Copywriting


    every great story (and every big red button) needs a wordsmith to bring it to life and the public - be it people or machines.

  3. Content Marketing

    Content Marketing

    from creating a content strategy including native and influencer-produced content, to production, implementation, measurement and results.


  1. YugoBox


    I co-founded YugoBox, a subscription-based service that delivers a box of sweets and treats from the Balkans to subscribers'​ doorstep every month. we curate the contents of every box for a fun mix of old favourites and new flavours. the service is currently on hiatus as we are pivoting to a classic e-commerce business model where users will be able to order individual products.

    take a look

  2. Lemur Legal Content Strategy

    Lemur Legal Content Strategy

    as an external consultant, I developed a holistic online content strategy for IT legal firm Lemur Legal with a focus on blog content designed to drive traffic to the website (SEO) and original video content for social media engagement. however, I was not involved with the execution beyond offering expert advice as requested and contributing to the company blog.




  3. Fintech Factory Content Strategy

    Fintech Factory Content Strategy

    I helped legal consultancy firm Fintech Factory improve their online presence primarily through content creation (blog, landing pages) and distribution (social media, newsletter). I set up a blog on their website and worked with the team to create a content plan and execute/coordinate production. I was also responsible for managing the firm's social media accounts. to facilitate lead generation, I set up a number of landing pages specific to the firm's offerings using Wix and Hubspot.


    landing page example



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Curriculum Vitae

Work Experience

  1. Unuaondo

    co-founder, marketing and operations


  2. ABC Accelerator

    marketing manager


    coworking space manager


    startup scout


  3. Shopamine

    administrative & marketing assistant


  4. FU DE MANU, Online Shop

    founder & sole proprietor


  5. Various Student Jobs

    mostly retail and personal finance, but also poker



  1. Social Media

    facebook, linkedin, instagram, twitter

  2. Marketing Automation

    hubspot, active campaign, pardot, mailchimp

  3. Analytics

    google analytics, custom solutions

  4. Community Engagement

    slack, discord, facebook groups

  5. Coding

    HTML, CSS, basic JavaScript; learning more

  6. Design

    Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop; learning to draw with Wacom

  7. CMS

    wordpress, custom solutions


  1. MSc, Marketing

    Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana


  2. BSc, International Business

    Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana


  3. Short-term Exchange

    Hiroshima University of Economics



  1. Slovenia
  2. United Kingdom
  3. France
  4. Japan
  5. Spain
  6. Germany

Latest Posts

  1. Lucrative match: The impact of esports on local communities

    Lucrative match: The impact of esports on local communities

    21. Feb 2020

  2. Google’s Death Knell For 3rd-Party Cookies: What Comes Next?

    Google’s Death Knell For 3rd-Party Cookies: What Comes Next?

    6. Feb 2020

  3. Crypto Crime: Mining for Clues

    Crypto Crime: Mining for Clues

    13. Aug 2019

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Ping Me

if you’d like to get in touch to talk about possibly collaborating, if something I wrote or created tickled your fancy, or if you just want to say hello, feel free to use the form below.

Vesna Drofenik