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  1. Product Marketing @ Koofr

    Product Marketing @ Koofr

    my role at Koofr was at an intersection of product and content marketing. I delved into user research with various methods to better understand the audience. the bulk of my output were blog posts and videos, which resulted in a 19% increase in clicks and 31% growth in impressions on Google and 48% growth in YouTube views. I also played a key role in GTM and product launches.




  2. YugoBox


    I co-founded YugoBox, a subscription-based service that delivers a box of sweets and treats from the Balkans to subscribers'​ doorstep every month. we curate the contents of every box for a fun mix of old favourites and new flavours. the service is currently on hiatus as we are pivoting to a classic e-commerce business model where users will be able to order individual products.

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  3. Lemur Legal Content Strategy

    Lemur Legal Content Strategy

    as an external consultant, I developed a holistic online content strategy for IT legal firm Lemur Legal with a focus on blog content designed to drive traffic to the website (SEO) and original video content for social media engagement. however, I was not involved with the execution beyond offering expert advice as requested and contributing to the company blog.




  4. Fintech Factory Content Strategy

    Fintech Factory Content Strategy

    I helped legal consultancy firm Fintech Factory improve their online presence primarily through content creation (blog, landing pages) and distribution (social media, newsletter). I set up a blog on their website and worked with the team to create a content plan and execute/coordinate production. I was also responsible for managing the firm's social media accounts. to facilitate lead generation, I set up a number of landing pages specific to the firm's offerings using Wix and Hubspot.


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  5. Esports Slovenia visual identity

    Esports Slovenia visual identity

    these designs were created for an upcoming esports media company. the logo includes a ribbon with interchangeable game titles, which makes the visual identity scale-friendly.

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  6. GewdGame company blog

    GewdGame company blog

    I oversaw the company blog's content and direction as editor as well as contributing my own posts. those were written from a top-down perspective and addressed corporates and investors.

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  7. GewdGame visual identity

    GewdGame visual identity

    GewdGame's logo incorporates the double G (gg as in "good game") and an inverted diamond, which frequently represents in-game currency in video games. the basic logo was complemented in print and web materials by amazing fantasy-themed stock art.

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  8. ABC Accelerator website

    ABC Accelerator website

    ABC Accelerator's new website was built based on my wireframe and plans. previously, each business unit of the company had its own domain and website, and local teams did not have the resources to maintain them, so we folded them all into a single, interactive website that generates leads and can be maintained by the main office staff.

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  9. ABC Accelerator articles

    ABC Accelerator articles

    I published several news articles and reports for ABC Accelerator, starting with this call for applications. my posts were published between June and December 2017.

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  10. Accelerating giants article

    Accelerating giants article

    my article on corporate innovation and collaboration with startups was published in leading Slovene business journal, Finance. it was a content piece supporting ABC Accelerator's program for corporations.

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  11. Restart magazine

    Restart magazine

    Restart is a company promotional magazine that covers business & tech news and showcases promising startups. I contributed several articles and acted as editor-in-chief for Issue 2 published in June 2017.

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  12. Innovation Ecosystem of Japan

    Innovation Ecosystem of Japan

    an article based on my Bachelor's thesis paper published in collaboration with mentor Kaja Rangus in the Dynamic Relationships Management Journal.

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  13. Shopamine company blog

    Shopamine company blog

    I wrote several pieces of content for Shopamine, an ecommerce platform that has since repositioned to serve the B2B market. topics included blogging, entrepreneurship, and tax news.

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  14. Seitanist food blog

    Seitanist food blog

    my first blog revolving around vegan recipes. built on WordPress using a free theme and basic coding skills. active during 2010-2012, possibly 2019?

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